Nawaz urges politicians to shun confrontation

Nawaz urges politicians to shun confrontation

Nawaz Shairf

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Shairf on Sunday urged political parties to avoid confrontation and focus on solution to people’s problems.

Sharif said this while addressing the participants of a programme, Azm-e-Nau. He said the PML-N would build a new Pakistan by bringing it into top ten economies of the world. The former prime minister said nothing had changed in Pakistan even after 65 years of liberation. He said every day the media highlighted a new corruption scandal. “We ourselves are responsible of this situation in the country,” he said. Pakistan was blamed for every act of terrorism that occurred in any part of the world, he added.

Sharif said some elements were playing with the constitution and judiciary, and pushing country towards chaos.He said Pakistan was passing through a phase of change and a bright future was waiting for it. The PML-N chief said rulers were looking towards others for help and were not utilising local resources. He said his party would work for protection of the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Sharif termed claims to end load shedding in three months as lies. He termed load shedding a major issue and vowed to overcome the menace in six months, adding that load shedding had destroyed the economy and put the future of the country at stake.“PML-N is a democratic party and it is a wrong impression that I take every decision,” he said. The country had plunged into darkness due to wrong policies of the government, he added.

He accused the rulers of ridiculing the law and constitution to hide their corruption. He said his party would provide respectable jobs to youth after gaining power. He said Pakistan had already lost its half part and the remaining was weakening with every passing day. Sharif said that his party would work for strengthening the country’s economy and load shedding crisis would be overcome in a short time. He lamented that every day a new corruption scandal surfaced in the country.

Sharif vowed that no one would be allowed to play with the future of the country. He said games were being played with the constitution and democracy in the country.”We shall not let anyone look towards Pakistan with an evil eye and after coming to power shall bring Pakistan among the topmost economies,” he said. Tens of thousands of Pakistani youths were leaving the country because they were disappointed over its future, he added.