Power shortfall jumps to 7,733 MW, violent protests erupt throughout Punjab

violent protests

ISLAMABAD: Power shortfall on Sunday reached to 7,733Mega Watt while prolonged loadshedding is continued in this hot summer resulting eruption of violent protests across the country.

According to ministry of water and power, the current power generation remains 10,208MW with demand of 17,541MW while the electricity shortfall has jumped to 7,733MW, further aggravating the crisis in the country.Currently, hydel power plants are generating up to 4,252MW, thermal 1,313MW and 4,643MW electricity is being supplied by IPP’s.

has been provided 680MW.However, the IPPs and thermal plants are producing electricity less than their capacity due to which the unannounced loadshedding has been increased.Meanwhile, the electricity of urban areas has been cut for 16 hours while power remained cut for 20 hours in the rural areas.

Residents of Faisalabad staged a protest at Samandari Road against long power outages here on Sunday. Violent protesters started throwing stones on vehicles and other goods.In the reaction, police also started shelling to disperse the protesters.The protesters said that they were sick and tired of long power outages and demanded smooth supply of electricity.Such protests were also staged in other areas like, Kamonki, Gujranwala, Bhawalnagar, Kabirwala and Sheikhopura. – Onlinenews