PML-N rally causes traffic jam, panic in Lahore

PML-N rally causes traffic jam

Although PML-N rally held in Lahore’s busiest area Neela Gumbad as against the PPP government but it added to public woes.

The most busy avenue of the city Mall Road had been closed for the rally held near Anarkali Bazar due to which traffic at all the roads jammed and a long queues of the vehicles were seen everywhere.The citizens already affected by prolonged power outages and scorching heat expressed anger over the situation.According to Section 144, public gatherings and processions are already banned at the Mall Road but PML-N itself violates the ban by staging rallies.

Workers of other parties and organizations have to face police baton charges during their demonstrations but police always arranges complete protocol for PML-N.This time police officials were also deployed at different point in the scorching heat to provide security to the rally. – Dunyanews