Arsalan case: CJ dislodges himself from bench

Arsalan case: CJ dislodges himself from bench

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ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhamamd Chaudhry on Thursday dislodged himself from a three-judge bench, hearing a suo motu case against his son, allegedly involve in corruption.

On resumption of hearing on Thursday morning, Attorney General Irfan Qadir reiterated that the court should first decide about the CJ’s inclusion in the bench.In his remarks, the Chief Justice said, “he was not responsible for his offspring deeds as declared in the Quran. I own no house and no car despite I have been a judge and hearing high profile cases for 22 years”.“I swear I do not know what business Arsalan does,” CJ said adding that “the accused standing before him is not his son, he is just an individual named Arsalan”.

The Supreme Court in its interim order said that a division bench of the court would now hear the case.Earlier, senior journalist Kamran Khan has appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a case pertaining to allegations against Arsalan Chaudhry, son of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.The court had summoned Kamran Khan and ordered him to produce whatever he had regarding the alleged corruption of CJ’s son.

“We watch you daily but your are watching us today, ” Justice Khilji told the senior and energetic anchor.“I salute the Supreme Court of Pakistan, I highlights court’s role against corruption,” Khan said.‘Nothing is above the Supreme Court’s dignity” he said. The court asked what Malik Riaz had told him about Arsalan Chaudhry.Kamran Khan told the court that he had seen details of Arsalan Chaudhry’s foreign tours, his shopping which was carried out through credit cards. He said he had no document but had watched all the receipts of payments.

“I asked Malik Riaz what benefit he took from the favours he has been doing to CJ’s son, and responded so far he took no benefit instead 42 cases were decided against him (Malik Riaz)”, Kamran Khan told the bench.“What reason is behind such a huge bribe”, the CJ remarked.Khan told the court that Malik Riaz had told him that he had also showed the evidence against CJ’s son to Aitazaz Ahsan. ““Malik Riaz also told me that Aitzaz Ahsan wept after seeing evidence against Arsalan, Kamran Khan said.

Malik Riaz’s lawyer Zahid Bukhari told that his client would not appear before the court as he was abroad.Hamid Mir had told the court on Thursday that he had no evidence regarding the case. However, he said Malik Riaz had shown him some documentary evidences against Arsalan Chaudhry and claimed that he also had a video that will endorse his allegations against the son of the CJ. – Onlinenews