Nawaz’s anti-government movement reaches Sindh

Nawaz’s anti-government movement reaches Sindh

Nawaz’s anti-government movement

GARHI KHERO: President PML-N Nawaz Sharif said Tuesday that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) during its 15-year rule in four turns did nothing for the people and bitterly failed to serve the masses.

Addressing a public gathering in connection with ‘Go Gilani Go’ movement in Garhi Khairo near Jacobabad, he said PPP had always piled up miseries for the people.He said the PPP government had given nothing to the nation except corruption, power, lawlessness and unemployment.He said president betrayed the nation particularly the PML-N which was well-wisher of the people. “Tell me what President Zardari did for Sindhi people during his four-year government?” he asked.

Sharif said he had nothing personal with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. “Gilani should have quit as the prime minister on the day the Supreme Court convicted him in contempt of court case,” he insisted.He said he had nothing to do with the power and government, rather his mission was only to bring prosperity in the country.You (PM Gilani) chose to stand by President Zardari, now face the music. Now it is too late for you to do anything to help yourself,” Sharif said.The PML-N president told the gathering that Bill Clinton, the former president of the US, had offered Rs 5 billion to stop him from conducting nuclear tests but he refused.

Sharif asked Gilani how would he save himself after facing severe criticism for not implementing Supreme Court’ verdict.The PML-N chief urged the prime minister to resign respectfully from his post after the apex court issued the detailed judgment in the case.Sharif said the PPP government had pushed the country into “darkness of corruption.”“The rulers have put sovereignty of the country at stake,” he added. He said Pakistan’s sovereignty was at stake due to policies of President Zardari.

“Pakistan is today isolated. God forbid the manner in which Zardari is ruling, Pakistan may be destroyed,” he added. He sympathised with people of the PPP’s constituency and criticised President Zardari for bringing the public into this appalling state. He said people of Sindh who voted for PPP were living in miserable conditions with no healthcare, education, employment and other facilities. He said after devastating floods in year 2010 he visited Sindh to help the flood affected people. He said PPP did nothing for them and he saw masses living on roads after the floods. Sharif said he was not visiting Sindh for getting public votes but wanted to check on people’s state in this region of the country. He said the PPP did not deserve votes of people as it had done nothing for them.

He said the PPP government had done nothing significant for the people of Sindh during its current over four years in power and increased manifold price hike, loadshedding and unemployment resulting in miserable conditions for them. “Zardari has done great injustice to Sindhis. After accord with Benazir Bhutto, I offered agreement for cooperation to Zardari without attaching any strings,” he added.“Gilani has violated the constitution,” he further charged.“If Gilani goes, the other premier will have to write letter to Swiss authorities,” said the PML-N chief.

The money would be brought back to Pakistan and spent on people’s welfare project, he vowed.“In foreign countries if an allegation is levelled against a premier or a minister, he resigns on moral grounds, but Gilani refuses to write letter and does not resign ridiculing the superior judiciary of the country,” he contended.“I am Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan, Baltistani, Kashmiri and Pakistani. I want respect and dignity for my country,” he added. – Nation