43 bodies of Bhoja air crash victims reach Karachi

Bodies of Bhoja Air Crash Victims

KARACHI: Dead bodies of the victims of Bhoja Air plane crash are constantly being moved to Karachi; up till now total 43 dead bodies have arrived and few more are expected to reach in the metropolis soon, Media reported on Sunday.

Four dead bodies of same family have been buried in Malir, Khokhrapar area. Among those are included Syed Rizwan, Syeda Safia, Syeda Shaheen Bano and Syed Amjad. Three bodies have been delivered to Tharriwah area of interior Sindh.Total 121 passengers and crewmembers of Bhoja Air’s Flight B4-213 lost their lives in crash at Koral Chowk, near Chaklala on April 20.

The rescue and search immediately started recovery of dead bodies and remains of all ill-fated victims, who started air travel from Karachi at 5.05 PM and it was scheduled to reach Islamabad at 7.00 PM but just few minutes before reaching at airport the plane crashed at Koral.Since start of the operation on Friday evening, concerned teams are busy in search, identification, handing over and moving dead bodies to their destinations.

As all passengers started their last travel of life from Karachi, it is obvious that most of their dead bodies will be buried there.Throughout last day and night, moving of dead bodies from Islamabad to Karachi continued; still more dead bodies arrival and burial is underway in Karachi. So far, 43 dead bodies arrived and most of those have been buried in different parts of the city.Four dead bodies of same family have been buried in Malir, Khokhrapar area. Three dead bodies have been delivered to Tharri Wah area of interior Sindh. – Onlinenews