19,000 posts of teachers to be filled soon: Haq

19,000 posts of teachers to be filled soon: Haq

Education Minister Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq

KARACHI: Senior Provincial Education Minister Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq has said that those who live in Sindh, no matter what language they speak, are Sindhis.

“English and Urdu, Sindhi language will continue to be taught in the government schools and politicians should not teach hatred in educational institutions. Educational institutions should not be made centre for politics,” this he said while addressing as a chief guest at a ceremony in Gul Hassan Lashari School Gizri Campus in here on Wednesday.He said that advertisement had been given in leading newspapers to fill 19,000 vacant posts of teachers in order to compensate the shortage of the teachers in government schools.

The tests would be conducted at Army, Navy and Air force Centres to discourage cheating culture. He said that the present democratic government would clear educational institutions from the politics of hatred. “Education is not complete without peace and education would be spread in every corner of the province.Haq added, “Positive criticism is welcome, but negative criticism can not be appreciated. Sindhi language is being taught all over Sindh and all possible measures are being taken to promote it.’The minister said that from next year stipends would be given to the girl students from class one to class five to enhance literacy rate at primary level.

He mentioned that Sindh Education Department was already providing stipends to the girls from class six to class eight by Rs2600 per annum. He said that 15,000 students were being given Rs1500 per month who passed test from ZABIST.Haq said, “We are not against private educational institutions, we just want to compete them in healthy manner and Sindh education department will provide direct budget to schools to enable them to resolve their financial matters. He said that 900 Sindhi language teachers were being appointed to teach Sindhi all over the province.

He said that those who created differences on the basis of language were the enemies of the province and the country. He said that through consolidation policy, the Sindh education department would hold the administrative and all kinds of control over these schools. On this occasion, Secretary Education, Siddiq Memon, Director Schools Karachi Niaz Ahmed Leghari, Chief Program Officer, RUS, Pervaiz Sehar and Chairman Ravians Ziaul Islam also spoke on the occasion. – Dailytimes