Job creation, power generation priorities of budget: PM

Job creation, power generation priorities of budget: PM

PM Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani here on Sunday said job creation, food security and meeting energy shortages will be priorities of the next federal budget.

Addressing a press conference at Prime Minister House, Gilani said more incentives will be given to the farmers to increase production which in turn will ensure food security.The federal cabinet in its next meeting will discuss the priorities of the federal budget, he informed.

He said the government has controlled the problem of inflation, which remained an international phenomenon. He said the provinces are responsible for controlling price hike and profiteering.However, the federal government is even sharing the burden of provinces by importing fertilisers worth billions of rupees and then giving it to the farmers as subsidy.He said PML-Q chief, Chaudhry Shujaat gave him the suggestion that the federal and provincial governments should pool their resources to resolve the issue of circular debt.

To a question, he said Pakistan sees United States as a partner and relations of the two countries should be based on mutual interest and mutual respect.He said during his meeting with US President Barack Obama during the Security Summit in Seoul, he conveyed his viewpoint that Pakistan and US could not take forward their bilateral ties without support of the people.

President Obama responded that his country respects sovereignty of Pakistan and will also respect the resolution of the parliament but their security needs should also be taken care of.Gilani also said there is no confrontation with the Supreme Court. However, appointment of officers including Attorney General is prerogative of the government.The prime minister said if Imran Khan has any formula to get rid of corruption in 19 days, then he should inform him and he will implement suggestions. – Dawn