Power shortfall reaches 4,800 Mw

Power shortfall reaches 4,800 Mw


ISLAMABAD: The electricity shortfall in the country has reached upto 4800 MW from 4300 MW, sources said on Wednesday.

Contrary to government and the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) claims, major cities including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, as well as villages are experiencing power blackouts for several hours a day because of a nationwide electricity shortfall that has reached 4800 MW.

PEPCO sources revealed that the total production of electricity in the country is 10669 Mw whether the demand is more than 15796 Mw.“2792 Mw electricity is generated from hydel resources where as thermal resources generate only 1691 Mw power. Rented electric houses are producing 5843 Mw electricity, so for. Almost 670-megawatt electricity is supplied to Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC)”, PEPCO sources said.

According to PEPCO officials, increase in river water and providing furnace oil to thermal power stations can reduce the increased shortfall.Unscheduled blackout in the country has climbed upto more than 12 hours in urban areas and 14 to16 hours in rural areas. The menace of unscheduled massive electricity shortage is one of the biggest hindrances in the way to progress and adds more to the woes of people. – Onlinenews