Khosa resigns from Punjab cabinet

Dost Muhammad Khosa

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leader Dost Muhammad Khosa on Wednesday quitted as Punjab Labour Minister reportedly succumbing to pressure in actress kidnapping case.

Khosa, former Chief Minister Punjab, was booked in an FIR for allegedly kidnapping and murdering her ex-wife, actress Sapna. Sources said party and public pressure over him compelled the minister to tender resignation. A kidnapping case against Sapna’s father, Misal Khan, was also filed on Khosa’s complaint on the order of Lahore High Court.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif accepted it and moved the summary to Governor Punjab. Dost Muhammad Khosa was under pressure by his party to resign from the cabinet due to his alleged involvement in actress Sapna’s kidnapping.Complying with the LHC orders, Lahore Police had registered a case last week against Dost Muhammad Khosa for kidnapping his ex-wife Sapna.Sapna’s father alleged that his daughter was kidnapped by Dost Muhammad Khosa, adding that she might have been murdered. – Onlinenews