Media turns political feud into teacher-torture scam

Media turns political feud into teacher-torture scam

MPA Aslam MadhianaSARGODHA: Ill-informed and misguided media has the potential ruin one party’s fate even unheard and brings fortune to the other for obvious reasons as it did with former MPA Aslam Madhiana viz a viz his opponent.

Of late electronic media remained fanning around the so-called school teacher Nafees Khan whose legs allegedly were broken by Aslam Madhiana and his accomplices. But none of the learned anchors in Islamabad and Lahore spared some time nor even deputed their local correspondent to know that Nafees Khan is not a government school teacher.

According to the FIR dated January 19, 2012, registered against Aslam Madhiana on the complaint by same Nafees Khan, son of Ghaus Muhammad, states, “He runs an organization with the name of Private Punjab Model School. And he is the proclaimed head of that school.”Meanwhile, authentic local sources revealed that the documentary ownership of the said school is not in the name of Nafees Khan but some of his family member. Khan uses the esteem of being head of his family’s private school to gain political mileage against his local opponents as he remained councillor in 2001.

A cursory look at the chronology of events would certain reveal the other side of the story to an independent reader. To start with the open kutchery wherein Nafees Khan and Aslam Madhiana exchange harsh words threats and challenges was held on December 27, 2011. The gory incident wherein Nafees Khan was beaten and his legs were fractured by their opponents took place on January 19, 2012.

Finding DPO siding with the complainant, the accused Madhiana filed an application to Inspector General of Punjab Police seeking change of investigators on February 3, 2012. Further used of extraordinary influence by the DPO forced Madhiana to file a second application for change of investigation on February 24, 2012. Startling anomaly in the case is that initial medical report upheld by a full-fledged medical board constituted on the desire of the DPO shows no use of fire arm. On the other hand, the FIR motivated against Madhiana charged with the use of fire arm against Nafees Khan thus booking him under section seven of Anti Terrorist Act.

The story reaches its climax when the Establishment Division transferred the DPO of Gilgit and he pushed the case under the media focus as if Madhiana got him transferred. The PML-N also had its axe to grind in story as Madhiana’s son Chaudhry Muhamad Awais Aslam Madhiana, is member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) of the PPP. Thus, the Punjab government declined to relieve the DPO and he is still on his position actually at large to settle his score with Madhiana. – Onlinenews