Zardari faces ‘noisy’ parliament today

President ZardariISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari’s address to the fifth joint session of parliament is set to be another feather in his cap.

It will be a distinguished achievement for a democratically elected president in the country’s parliamentary history. However, contrary to past years, the president will not have a calm and peaceful House this time. President Zardari is likely to face the ‘brunt’ of the opposition parties, particularly the PML-N. The president might also face the biggest embarrassment at the hands of the MQM, an ally of the PPP in the Centre and Sindh.

The MQM has announced to boycott the presidential speech against a rise in extortion incidents in its stronghold, Karachi. Though, closed doors lobbying is underway to appease the MQM, but the MQM seems to cling to its stance so far. On one hand, the PPP has gird up its loins to celebrate the occasion, and on the other hand, it is also pondering to tackle the PML-N’s likely protest during the president’s speech. – Dailytimes