Abbottabad commission completes inquiry

Abbottabad commission completes inquiry

Abbottabad commissionISLAMABAD: The Commission, investigating the U.S. raid and the presence of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, has completed its inquiry.

The Commission, headed by Justice(R) Javed Iqbal, has prepared the report on the chain of events that took place on May 2 last year in Abbotabad is quite different, which was stated by the U.S. earlier, the BBC reported Thursday.Some questions have also been raised on the stance taken by the Americans about Abbotabad episode in which the U.S. forces in a clandestine operation killed al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Ladin.

The report of the commission would the first ever official statement from Pakistan side. After the incident no Pakistani official has made any announcement on the incident so far.On one hand the commission has carried out inquiry on the Abbotabad happening and the other side it also started to compile a comprehensive report on the hidden presence of Osama Bin Ladin in Pakistan, operation by US marines and failure of Pakistani agencies to prevent the both incidents.

The members of commission have divided the responsibilities. The one member of the commission only recorded the incident of 2 May, which occurred in Abbottabad. In this connection the commission recorded the statements of the neighbours, living around the Osama’s complex and those officials who entered first in the premises after the US operation.

A question was raised in the report that why the companions of Osama did not fire a single bullet because the American gave the statement that their not even one soldier was hurt.In addition to this, the commission took review of the premises before it was demolished, and it assessed that although almost half of dozen cohorts of Osama were present at the time of US operation and only single shell of bullet and one mark was found in Osama’s bedroom only, where he was killed .

The bullet mark was at such height that the shooter aimed after laying his one knee on the earth. The experts were of the view that it was the bullet by which Osama probably might be killed and it is possible that the bullet might penetrate in the head of Bin Ladin.Except this mark, no other bullet shell or spot was recovered for the entire premises.

Despite this , the commission found almost six Kalashinkovs from the compound which were laying very nearer to the dead bodies but it is very strange phenomena that no one among the friends of Osama shot on the attackers.The commission is bound to submit its report to Prime Minister who would issue orders to implement the recommendations and suggestions of the commission .The Prime Minister would also decide that this report should be publicized or not. – Onlinenews