90m Pakistanis living below poverty line: Daniyal

Chairman of Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Muqami Hakoomat Daniyal AzizIslamabad: Chairman of Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Muqami Hakoomat (JPJM) has said that number of people living below poverty line in Pakistan has reached to 90 million during last four years and further two million would face the same in coming months as the result of anti-people policies of so-called democratic rulers.

While commenting on a report of Multi-National Poverty Index about increasing poverty, Daniyal said the report is a slap on the face of corrupt, greedy and selfish rulers, who shamelessly claim to have delivered for the masses. Yes, they have delivered poverty, price-hike, unemployment and worst every law and order to the people, who elected them in the name of ‘roti, kapra aur makan’, he added.

He said 58.5 per cent population of Balochistan is living below poverty line whereas 43.8 per cent people of Punjab are also poverty-struck people. He said it is cruel that people of Pakistan are committing suicide due to poverty while daily expenditures of President House, which were one million rupees daily in 2009, have reached to 1.4 million daily. Expenditures of Prime Minister’s Secretariat have increased to 1.5 million rupees/day from 1.1 million/day and expenditures of cabinet division have reached to 8 million rupees/day from 4.5 million rupees/day, pointed out Daniyal.

He said that 96 federal ministers and advisors spent nearly 90 billion rupees during last four years. He said already 100 per cent increase was recorded in prices of edible items in one year and warned that price-hike would be double in coming months that would lead to worst law and order and crime rate in the country. – Onlinenews