Former MPA breaks legs of elderly schoolteacher in Sargodha

MPA breaks legs of elderly schoolteacher in SargodhaSARGODHA: Former MPA from Sargodha, Aslam Madhyana, subjected an elderly schoolteacher to torture and broke his legs after the teacher levelled allegations and lodged a complaint against Madhyana in an open kutchery.

According to details, Nafees Khan Lodhi, a private schoolteacher, lodged a complaint against Madhyana, who is the father of sitting MPA Awais Madhyana, during an open kutchery and accused him of backing criminals in the area.Lodhi was abducted by 11 persons after he levelled allegations against Madhyana. The kidnappers subjected him to severe torture and threw him in a deserted place after breaking his legs.

Six of the 11 kidnappers were arrested on the order of DPO Dr Muhammad Rizwan while Aslam Madhyana managed to get interim bail in the case.DPO Dr Muhammad Rizwan, who ordered the arrest of the kidnappers, has been transferred from Sargodha to Gilgit-Baltistan. – PT