SC saved us from Nawaz’s military courts plan: Hashmi

SC saved us from Nawaz’s military courts plan: Hashmi

HashmiMULTAN: When in opposition, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Javed Hashmi is brutally honest.

Speaking to media in Multan on Tuesday, the former Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) stalwart said that the Supreme Court had “saved” Pakistan from party chief Nawaz Sharif’s plan to establish military courts in the country. He was speaking at a ceremony to welcome some lawyers who had joined the PTI.“We could all have been killed because of these courts,” Hashmi said, referring to Nawaz’s plans to set up military courts in Karachi in 1998, which was shot down by the Supreme Court.

“Nawaz had discussed [his plan] with all cabinet members. At that time, I was the only who had objected to it, saying that this constitutional order could become a noose for all of us,” he said.Hashmi, who has repeatedly expressed his resentment for being neglected by the PML-N, said that the party had not valued him but he continued to be a part of it as he wanted to [properly] govern Pakistan. “I was compelled to follow those whom I had taught politics,” he said, openly referring to the Sharif brothers.

It is this insistence on speaking the truth, he said, which had brought him to the PTI. “This was not appreciated by my former party and I had to face a lot of difficulties but continue to speak out. I cannot be silenced,” he said.He reiterated his commitment to his principles when a speaker at the ceremony called him a respected veteran politician and he spoke out saying, “I am not old and never will be. I still have enough courage to call a spade a spade.”

Hashmi said that the living conditions of Pakistan’s political leaders are improving with each passing day as those of its people continue to deteriorate. “This irrational discrimination is only due to the politicians of Pakistan. Financial discrimination due to corrupt leaders is encouraging voices of separation and hatred in the country,” he said, pleading with corrupt politicians to ponder over the situation before it is too late. – Thetribune