No room for extra-judicial steps: CJP

No room for extra-judicial steps: CJP

Iftikhar Muhammad ChaudhryRAWALPINDI: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said on Friday there would only be rule of law in the country and “nobody can dare take extra-judicial steps in the future”.

Speaking at the opening of the Lawyers Club and Chambers, he said those who were speculating about the possibility of any extra-judicial step “are doing so for their own interests”. “We will not let any opportunist to take over, and now onwards, no judge will take oath against the Constitution,” he said. “We have proved through our actions that there will be supremacy of law,” he said, adding, “The elements who are talking about resurgence of dictatorship are only trying to run their rumour mills.”

The CJP said that lawyers had rendered great sacrifices for the independence of the judiciary, adding that people’s trust had increased in the judiciary after its independence. He also praised media as an important pillar of the society. Enumerating the National Judicial Policy, Justice Chaudhry said that more courts should be established at the district level to provide relief to people. “Transparency in the functioning of courts and eradiation of corruption, in all its manifestation, on the part of judicial officers and officials, is the corner stone of the National Judicial Policy,” he added.

“Corruption in judicial system adversely affects and lowers the confidence of litigant public in the judicial system. Our wholehearted efforts will come to nothing if the evil of corruption is not firmly checked,” the CJP said. He said a cell for the eradication of corruption from judiciary has been established to take disciplinary action against corrupt and incompetent judicial officers. He said disciplinary action had been taken against corrupt judicial officers and court officials since the implementation of National Judicial Policy.

“In Punjab, 71 officials have been dismissed, two judicial officers and 43 officials removed, a judicial officer and 10 officials terminated, seven judicial officers and 32 officials took compulsory retirement from service,” the CJP said. “In Sindh, 29 officials have been dismissed, six judicial officers and 5 officials took compulsory retirement from service … similarly, major penalties have been imposed against six judicial officers and 16 officials.” Justice Chaudhry also said that cooperation between bar and courts was must for the quick disposal of cases. – Dailytimes