PPP resorts to extortion as ‘fund raising’

President Asif Ali ZardariKarachi: Business community in the financial capital is perturbed once again as the ruling PPP, too, has resorted to extortions from companies in the name of fund raising for floods reconstruction.

According to sources in the community, their members were receiving threatening calls from high officials of police and the PPP ministers, both the federal and provincial.“They are forcing us to buy at least 25 and preferably 50 of the fund raising cards worth Rs 50,000 each,” a member of community said on condition of anonymity.According to the sources, the ruling party has already identified some 300 potential companies that it believes must contribute at least Rs 375 million in total in terms of buying 25 cards each.

The card holders would be invited to a grand dinner at Bilawal House on January 6, Friday which is to be hosted by Co-chairman of the ruling party President Asif Ali Zardari, the sources said.Earlier, the business community member told Online, “This was yet another wrath we are confronted with as we were already fed up with the paying monthly extortions to ethno-political party. Now the PPP ministers or police officials on their behalf are telling us after all we have to stay in Sindh or Karachi,” he added.

On behalf of his community, he alleged that the Sindh government has already embezzled a sizeable amount collected and also received from abroad of the flood assistance. “Relief and reconstruction work done by the Sindh government is also in front of all Pakistanis, courtesy the media,” he added.Mentioning about the economic slowdown, crippling energy crisis, and deteriorating law and order situation across the country, the businessman said, environment in the country was left hardly conducive to the business and investment. – Onlinenews