‘Plan to arrest me being hatched in Punjab’

Babar AwanISLAMABAD: Claiming that a plan to arresting him was being hatched in Punjab, former federal law minister Babar Awan said on Monday that petition of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) against the memogate scandal in the Supreme Court (SC) was not filed on constitutional grounds but on the direction of someone whose identity will be exposed within a few days.

Addressing media outside the Parliament House, Babar Awan said, “The PML-N did not file the petition on constitutional grounds but on the direction of someone who identity shall be exposed within a few days. A hint to help you identify him is that all six PML-N petitions have been written by the same man.” He said the petition was moved by a party which had failed to muster enough courage to move the apex court when a dictator had toppled its government.

He also claimed that planning for his arrest was being made in Punjab but he will face conspiracies boldly. He said, “A responsible person from Punjab has told me that my arrest is being planned. But I am a brave man and will remain steadfast, no one can intimidate me.”Later, answering a question about the possibility of indemnifying any unconstitutional move, Babar Awan said that no court could protect or indemnify any unconstitutional act after the amendment in Article 6 of the Constitution.

“The PPP amended Article 6 and added sub-article 2 into it. After the amendment, no court can protect or indemnify any extra or unconstitutional act,” Babar Awan said.Asked about President Zardari’s arrival, Babar Awan said the President reached Karachi, perhaps, ignoring the advice of doctors and the rumour mill must feel ashamed now. – PT