Governor rejects appeal of plagiarist professor

Governor Punjab Latif Khan KhosaLAHORE: Governor Punjab Latif Khan Khosa on Sunday rejected an appeal by a University of Engineering and Technology (UET) professor claiming relief against the charges of plagiarism.

According to sources, UET Electrical Engineering Department Professor Dr Sohail Aftab Qureshi had submitted a review petition under section 10 A of the UET Lahore Act 1074 seeking a review against the Punishment Order of the syndicate.

In his decision, the governor expressed his shock and disapprobation after learning that universities were unable to control the proliferation of menace of plagiarism, particularly against the members of their academia and faculty. He said, “It is unbecoming and shameful to resort to plagiarism by having recourse to taking and using the thought, writing and inventions of other persons as one own”. He said that plagiarism amounted to intellectual dishonesty and was a deliberate attempt to gain credit for the intellectual efforts of others, adding that the government would not tolerate such dishonest practices.

The governor observed that it was least expected of the professors and researchers to compromise their credibility and integrity by plagiarism that would malign the image of the alma mater of thousands of students and adversely affect the career prospects of their students. – Dailytimes