CM wants transparency in development projects

CM wants transparency in development projects

CM Shahbaz SharifLAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif averred on Sunday that the memo sent to Mike Mullen is a conspiracy against the sovereignty, security and defense of Pakistan and disclosure of this conspiracy has shocked every Pakistani.

He avvered this during briefing meetings while reviewing the various development projects in provincial metropolis on the morning of Sunday. Members Provincial Assembly, Lahore Commissioner and District Coordination Officer, Communication and Works Secretary, Parks and Horticulture Authority Director General, National Logistic Cell Sector Incharge and senior engineers of Nespak were present on the occasion. The Chief Minister reviewed under-construction Canal Road, Jallo Road, horticulture work in Jallo Park, fencing wall on Ring Road and remaining development work on Multan Road.

The chief minister said that as per the facts which have come to surface so far, unfortunately, the person occupying the highest office is the real architect of this conspiracy. Shahbaz Sharif claimed that the explanatory statement of President Zardari with regard to memo has further supported the allegations leveled against the government in this regard. Moreover, this question also holds valid grounds as to how any diplomat can dare to write a memo based on such contents to the American Army Chief at his own.

Likewise, the incident of this memo cannot be isolated from the track record of Zardari and the ruling group with regard to sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. President Zardari after writing a congratulatory letter to America on the sad incident of Abbotabad has once again inflicted an irreparable injury on the hearts of Pakistani nation.

Shahbaz Sharif observed that the issue of memo is not only a matter between a civil government and the army instead every Pakistani is a party to this issue. He said that the delaying tactics being used in the investigation of incident of memo also prove that government is responsible for this crime. The Chief Minster noted that the leadership of Muslim League-N will not allow anyone to play with the sovereignty and integrity of the country. – Dailytimes