McCaul unclear Zardari can make good on his pledge

President Asif Ali ZardariISLAMABAD: The head of the Homeland Security delegation, Michael McCaul, downplayed the significance of President Asif Ali Zardari’s remarks about “eradicating” the Haqqani network, saying it was unclear whether President Zardari had the power to make good on his pledge, given the influence of the military in Pakistan.

“The president, on the record, said ‘I am going to work with you to eradicate them,’” McCaul said. He further quoted Zardari as saying: “I know these people very well, they are snakes and I’m going to go after all of them.” McCaul said he welcomed the president’s statement, but “the real question is how much does this president control the military” and the country’s spy service. McCaul said the American delegation asked to meet the Pakistani army and spy chiefs, but this was not possible. He said that US will continue to attach great importance to bilateral relations. – Dailytimes