PPP-MQM Alliance unholy says Mirza

Zulfiqar MirzaKARACHI: Former Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza once again criticised the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik. Speaking to the media in Karachi, Mirza said that the joining hands with the MQM by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is not in favour of Pakistan. A visibly angry Mirza lashed out at his own party for once again shaking hands with the MQM, terming the PPP-MQM alliance “unholy”.

He also announced that he would undertake a movement against the PPP-MQM alliance very soon.Mirza said that the Peoples Aman Committee would work not just for the people of Lyari but for the entire city. He said that the committee will “wage war” against the MQM workers, who are “exploiting and looting” the citizens of Karachi.

The former home minister further said that if the Aman Committee’s name is associated with any crime without evidence, we will consider that person “an associate of Altaf Hussain.”Taking pot shots at the interior minister including Mirza said that if Rehman Malik had courage, he should come to Lyari and announce ban on the Aman Committee. “And if he does so, I will go to Islamabad and salute him,” Mirza maintained.Zulfiqar Mirza also expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s verdict on Karachi. However, he said he respects the decision as he is a law abiding citizen.

Among the more specific allegations levelled by Mirza was the charge that Babar Ghauri, the former minister for ports and shipping, used his position to divert some of the arms and ammunition meant for  towards use by alleged MQM-backed militant and criminal groups. – Onlinenews