NATPOW reaching to vulnerable flood affected communities in Sindh

NAWABSHAH: Federal Information Minister, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan Wednesday said that National Trust for Population Welfare (NATPOW) with the support of UNFPA has agreed to provide basic medical treatment to 135,000 pregnant women and their expected babies under the Mobile Service Unit Project.

NATPOW as the implementer of the programme has established 25 MSU (Mobile Service Units) with  the help of UNFPA, the World Health Organization,provincial  departments of population and health. NATPOW will reach 7 districts, 25 tehsils and 25 MSUs in Khairpur,Nawabshah (Benazirabad), Badin, Mirpur Khas , Umar Kot , Tandu Muhammad Jam and Tandu Ala Yar. The project’s main focus is to provide medical facilities and support to the pregnant women of flood affected areas.

Tetanus Toxoid(TT) vaccinations, Post Natal Care, Post abortion care, New-born health care, General Ailment Treatment, family planning services,hygiene and safe motherhood kits, will be provided through these camps.NATPOW is an autonomous organization of the Government of Pakistan, working exclusively on safe motherhood and infant care.It is establishing 25 Mobile Service Units (Camps) for seven most adversely affected districts of Sindh.The programme is based on saving the life of mother and infant by providing immediate medical facilities.

The Information Minister said that 4,996,955, people are affected while 222,941 are in the camps, with 984,333 homes affected.She said, “We are trying to reach as many people, as possible.”NATPOW is committed to extend best possible support with the help of MSUs serving the affected persons.A similar project was undertaken by NATPOW during 2010 floods when it reached 35,594 families in the affected areas.During 178 days of medical camps, 18,898 people got free medical treatment from NATPOW’s arranged medical camps.NATPOW covered 8,460 villages where 57,931 women were given ante-natal care where as 10,074 women received TT vaccines. – APP