Mirza resigns from cabinet, Sindh Assembly, party posts

Dr Zulfiqar MirzaKARACHI: Sindh senior minister and PPP leader Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has resigned from party office, ministership and Sindh Assembly seat against the target killings, extortion and internal party policies.

Addressing an emotional press conference, he made the announcement. After recalling his personal affiliation with the Bhutto family and Asif Ali Zardari, placing hand on the holy Quran, Mirza said Rehman Malik is in connivance with killers. He claimed he has proofs to support his claim, and intended to hand over the evidence to COAS Gen Kayani, President Zardari and PM Gilani.   Mirza recalled one of the MQM leaders had said about him that a pimp would be acting as flamboyant as Mirza in the company of so many policemen. The ex-home minister said “now I have resigned as minister. I came here in official vehicle. Now I will go back in my private car. I will only keep the PPP flag. Now all such people see I, Mirza, is still as flamboyant”.
He said Karachi doesn t belong to MQM. “The MQM only has partial mandate given by people s free will. The rest is taken from voters through coercion. The poor people who sit in front of a telephone set and listen to speech from London, do that under pressure, to save trouble to the families who are usually threatened of consequences.”    The former home minister expressed regret for his once remarks derogatory to the Mohajir community. He said he passed those remarks under rush of blood, being angry. He said he didn’t t mean to say all that for the community, as “I know there are good and bad in every community, every society. Neither are all Indians bad nor all Pakistanis. The same is true for every community. Only a handful of bad people are responsible for turmoil.”
Mirza said pakistan has the biggest threat from no one else, but Interior Minister Rehman Malik. He said Rehman Malik connived with MQM s Governor and freed murderers and killers to oblige them so that they carry on killing spree for vested interests. He said Rehman Malik had been befooling the party leadership by distorting facts and creating imaginary fear scenarios by invoking non-existing threats to the government. To back his point, Mirza said: “Let s suppose, if I free a murderer who had killed 36 people, wouldn t the obliged killer kill 360 for me.”   He said Rehman Malik is a flat-faced, 100% liar. “I have asked him many a time to cut lying intensity by at least 50%,” Mirza said in a lighter tone far between his otherwise tense talk.
He said: “I risked life, property, family, and children, everything by calling spade a spade because I love Pakistan, because I see my own children s faces in every dead body of the innocent killed in the city.”   Mirza said once MQM chief Altaf Hussain wrote a letter to then UK PM Tony Blair, urging him to play a role to disband the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). He claimed Altaf had written in the letter that the ISI would create many a Osama bin Laden if it were not disbanded. He said it is lamentable that the protector of the country s interests was conspired against in this manner.   The former home minister said MQM Kidmat-e-Khalq Foundation s ambulances were used in transporting arms and ammunitions and for throwing dead bodies in gunny bags in various localities to spread terror.
Mirza said  the MQM was running gangs of killers and extortionists (Bhatta Khors). He said some elements wrongly project me as extortionists, whereas I come from a wealthy, respectable family. He dared the media to expose if they know of his involvement in any corruption.   Ahmed Chanai was appointed Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) chief on calls and pressures from London. “I was pressured to appoint him as CPLC chief, but I only gave him a limited tenure of one year.” He later hgot involved in acting as a middleman and virtually selling police stations.
Mirza said Suteesh Anand, who was once kidnapped, was freed after “I had chipped in 5 million rupees to make 15 million rupees demanded in ransom. I did that because I feared God and I always thought that we got this government due to the grand sacrifice of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto”.Mirza said journalist Wali Babar was also killed by MQM members. “Five murderers killed him. One of them is named Liaquat.” While narrating a meeting with Altaf Hussain, Zulfiqar Mirza revealed under oath that Altaf had said the US had decided to dismember Pakistan and MQM supported it. Mirza also alleged that Altaf Hussain vowed not stop killing Pashtoons in this context.  –  Onlinenews