Flood warning for 45 Bahawalnagar villages

Flood warning for 45 Bahawalnagar villages

BAHAWALNAGAR: About 45 villages of Bahawalnagar district have been declared as red zone with regard to the imminent danger of floods while raging Sutlej River has taken a pity on the population of district Kasur by receding a little as compared to few days ago. The villagers in Bahawalnagar have been directed to shift to safe zone/flood relief centres immediately without any loss of time.

Thirteen villages of Tehsil Minchinabad including Bareka Hittar, Bheni Ahmad Din Jhabail, Lal Khan Khokar,Baka Rehmonka,Tawakal,Bheni Usman Khan Shekhuka,Rateka Hittar,Wazira Gadhoka,Ratteka Uttar,Dadu Ahloka,Tara Cheena,Chak Zaman and Mamand Blara Baloch,16 villages of Tehsil Bahawalnagar Mamoonka Hittar, Kot Langah, Chuta Bhuk Hittar,Bilooka Uttar,Momeka Hittar,Bhureka,Jodheka,Mari Mian Sahib,Garnaj,Bhadarka Shirqi,Mohlan Daulat Wah,Chaveka Hittar,Bela Sardar Din,Saneteka,Akuka Hittar,Ghani Pura, while 16 villages of Tehsil Chishtian Miran Shah,Boonga Jhedu,Shamoon Bechragh,Pattian,Raju Shah,Kora Bhotna,Kalia Shah, Dula Akuka,Mazeed Shah,Sahuka Pattan,Pattan Kora Bhotna,Kirmani,Chandrani,Meeru Baloch,Mehta Jhedu and Muhammad Azeem.

According to Press released issued by District Flood Manager, district administration has warned the villagers living in the red zone.The concerned Assistant Commissioner is also directed to ensure announcements of these orders through loud speakers of the mosques, by beat of drums and all other available sources.Assistant Commissioner is also directed to ensure strict compliance of these orders in letter and spirit as people of affected villages should be helped in shifting to safe zone/flood relief centres and their complete shifting is ensured.However, it has learnt that at present River Sutlej water level in Bahawalnagar is 55450 cusecs while flood water discharge at head Sulemanki is reportedly 67794 cusecs.

Sutlej River in Kasur took a peak of 88,500 cusecs discharge on Wednesday night, which was recorded 82,500 cusecs on Thursday at 6.22 pm as river started receding.The gauges at Ganda Singh showed a mark of 20:00 feet as compared to 20.20 feet on Wednesday.On the other hand, most of the flood affected villagers have left for the homes of their relatives in nearby cities as the district administration could not provide them shelter even after six days of severe floods.The sources at DHQ hospital Kasur told this scribe that about 43 cases of cholera, 12 of skin diseases and 67 of malaria have been reported from the flood affected villages so far.This exposes the performance of Health Department which even after preliminary warning had failed to provide necessary medical aid, anti-malarial spray and ORX in these villages.The Police Department has proved its negligence here too, and many flood affected villagers have complained of theft of their valuables from their empty homes while they left them to save their lives.

Police has not taken any step to secure the remaining properties of these economically destroyed people.Floods in these villages have brought a lot of sand with it and the fertile lands of these areas are now barren because of the increased amount of sand in these areas.Villagers of these areas have hoped that government in this regard shall provide technical assistance to them so that they can utilise these fertile lands for their bread and butter in the days to come.An interesting development here on Thursday was the birth of a baby girl, which was named ‘Maya’, means ‘water’.Her father Sabir Ali told this scribe, ‘her name will remind us these days of miseries in the days of peace and happiness’.He said ‘birth of a baby girl in my home is a sign that Allah Almighty’s grace is with us and the floods will end in the days to come’. – Nation