Police, Rangers mount search operation

KARACHI: With the aim to show performance, police and Rangers, on Wednesday, jointly launched search operations in various parts of the strife-torn provincial capital; an exercise that is being seen by many as an attempt to deceive masses. Heavy contingents of Rangers, commandos and police initially arrived in Lyari but remained toothless to recover over two dozen innocent citizens abducted from bus stops, main roads, shopping centres on ethnic ground by the Lyari gangsters. In the meantime, inhabitants of the area turned violent against the operation. Men, women, young, old and children took to streets and burnt tyres to express resentment against the said operation.

Five persons, Abbas, Irfan, Shoaib, Hussain and Abdul Kareem, who belong to Kachi community, were injured in an armed attack in Lyari. Subsequently, law-enforcement agencies triggered their search operations at Salar and Aqal Bonga compounds and detained four suspects, who were shifted to unknown place for interrogation. Personnel of law-enforcement agencies cordoned off several parts of Orangi Town, started door-to-door search and detained 11 suspects, including Balok, brother of a notorious criminal, Bhaloo, and recovered heavy weapons from their possession. Five more persons were taken into custody from Pehalwan Goth, Micasa Apartment, Five Star Market, Jumani Arcade, old vegetable market and other areas during the search operation. – Dalytimes