River Ravi bursts banks in Sahiwal

SAHIWAL: Flood played havoc in a village along river Ravi in Sahiwal. More than six dozen houses were inundated by rising water, leaving hundreds of people homeless.Flood in Ravi caused by rains ruined the village Nathowasli of Sahiwal. Hundreds of people were left homeless as more than 70 houses were completely destroyed in the flood.Some of the homeless have taken shelter in a government school on a higher ground, but many of them are under open sky. Though Rescue 1122 and army men visited the area and rescue activities have been initiated yet the dwellers of Nathowasli have expressed their dissatisfaction over the pace of rescue and relief work.

Meanwhile, the water level surged from 16 to 17 feet suddenly near Ganda Singh Border in Kasur district. District Coordination Officer Kasur Syed Irshad Hussain Shah said on Thursday that the district administration did not have any previous information of the current surge of water level because the Indian authorities had not issued any warning, a private news channel reported. He said that he was trying to contact the Indian authorities to get the latest information about the situation. – Nation