Restrict American Ambassdors movement,advise Parlimentarians

Restrict American Ambassdors movement,advise Parlimentarians

ISLAMABAD: Expressing their strong concerns and apprehensions, regarding law and order situation of Karachi and Balochistan, members N.A have demanded restrictions on the movements of American ambassador.

Addressing the House on Wednesday, Zafar Baig Bhatni was chagrined over the unrestricted movements of American ambassador in Balochistan, “ as if he was member of Balochistan Assembly, Governor or CM”, adding that America seemed to be seeking an embassy location in the embattled Province, as if contemplating its ‘early independence’.

He was also critical of the fact that even Karachi crisis, which were purely a political/democratic matter, elicited comments from GHQ, solely due to failure of government to resolve the issue democratically (politically).He slighted America as number one enemy of Pakistan, and said that ever since restrictions have been imposed on entry of Americans in Peshawar, there has never been a single explosion /suicide attack in the City.MNA Muhammad Usman Khan also expressed his deep concerns over Balochistan situation, where an average of 10 persons were being killed daily, while more than 100 have been killed during past few months.

He was worried that while Balochistan was heading towards disaster, the government seemed to be sleeping over it, and also criticized PML-N fir failing to stage any walkouts on Balochistan issues, while it could do so in a comparatively trivial matter like increase in gas prices. PPPP’s Syed Zafar Ali Shah expressed his strong resentment towards LB government in Sindh, as it was a symbol of Musharraf rule, and being a total failure had failed to resolve issues of masses.

He also said that he did not like Rehman Malik to visit Karachi, rather Karachi should be cleared of all weapons.Another PPPP MNA, Jamshed Dasti said that resolving Karachi crisis was beyond the single capabilities of any one political party, and all should act and behave responsibly, by putting an end to experimenting with government systems; and also wanted PML-N to stop opposing the creation of Seraiki province.Mehboob ullah Jan, and Tahira Aurangzeb also expressed their concerns over the law and order situation of Karachi, demanding its immediate rectification. – Onlinenews