Govt to continue to pursue politics of reconciliation: PM

Govt to continue to pursue politics of reconciliation: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Monday said despite the aggressive mood of PML-N, the PPP-led government will continue to pursue the policy of reconciliation, which played a vital role in achieving various successes during the last over three years.“

Yes the mood of PML-N seems to be aggressive. They want to play the role of an aggressive opposition, may be due to fear of any third (political) force. But we will continue the politics of reconciliation,” Gilani said in a live ‘Prime Minister Online’ television programme on Monday night.The Prime Minister said, the government was following the policy of reconciliation in line with the political vision and philosophy of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. “If we have made some achievements (so far), it is only due to the policy of reconciliation,” Gilani stressed.

The Prime Minister, who responded to the queries of callers from across the country in the live programme, said the masses are very intelligent and well-aware of the issues and understand that the government was taking all-out measures to address their problems.“The masses understand that those who are claiming to address their problems do not have any such policy or programme,” he said and agreed that people have genuine expectations from the government to address their problems like power shortage, gas shortage etc.The Prime Minister, however, assured that the government will do whatever it can and will Insha Allah address such basic issues of the people before the next general elections.“We are political people and know that we have to go to the masses and address their problems,” he remarked.

The Prime Minister said the government was exploring all possibilities to resolve energy shortage and mentioned the positive progress on the government’s initiatives and projects such as Pak-Iran gas pipeline, Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline, Diamer Bhasha Dam, Thar Coal project etc.He said owing to the present government’s policies, thousands of mega watts of electricity have been added to the system and more such initiatives were in the pipeline, which will help resolve the energy problem.

To a question, the Prime Minister referred to the government’s achievements on economic front and mentioned the record and all time high exports at $ 26 billion, foreign exchange reserves at $ 18.3 billion, foreign remittances at $ 12 billion, upward trends in stock exchange etc.“These figures show that we are moving in the right direction,” he said.Prime Minister Gilani dispelled the impression of clash among institutions and said the government respects all the institutions including the Judiciary.

“We restored the Constitution, which was aimed at strengthening the institutions,” he said and stressed that speculations in this respect should now end as the people are also fed-up with such speculations.”“Fortune-tellers appear on television channels and give deadlines for the change of government,” Gilani remarked and added that such things have negative impact on the performance of stock exchange and the inflows of foreign investment.”To a question about the role of media, the Prime Minister said government was not in favour of any restrictions on media as the PPP had been advocating the cause of free media and was against the draconian laws against media.He,however,added that the media should make self-assessment and being an important pillar of the state should try to project and protect the national interests.

Responding to a caller, the Prime Minister said the government would never compromise on the issue of Kashmir and the talks between Pakistan and India include all core issues including Kashmir.
Gilani expressed his satisfaction over the dialogue process between Pakistan and India,specially the recent foreign ministers level meeting in New Delhi, and said dialogue is the only way forward to resolve all issues.About Pakistan-US relations, the Prime Minister said there had been ups and downs in the Pak-US relations during the last over 60 years, adding, particularly after the recent unilateral action of US in Abbottabad, the misunderstanding between the two has increased.
He said Pakistan protested after the Osama Bin Laden incident and conveyed its reservations to the US, adding, Pakistan also told the US repeatedly that drone attacks were counter-productive.

To a question about the problems in Railway, the Prime Minister said the government as per the cabinet decision was pursuing the policy of restructuring of public sector organizations.The Prime Minister, however, added that in this respect the government would implement the recommendations of a committee constituted under the chairmanship of Finance Minister.To a question,  Prime Minister Gilani also referred to the government’s Rs. 2 billion Ramzan relief package and said the poor people would be provided essential food and other items on subsidized rates through the Utility Stores across the country.

Prime Minister Gilani also assured some of callers, who took up their personal problems, to help them resolve their issues.He assured a caller from Layyah- who has an MBA degree in finance and has applied for a job in ZTBL – that if he qualifies, he will get the job on merit.Similarly, the Prime Minister assured a caller from Rawalpindi .who sought financial help for treatment of his heart ailment, that the government would bear the expenses of his treatment.