PM approves creation of 10 additional posts of information officers

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Friday approved the creation of 10 additional vacancies of Information Officers in order to accommodate the candidates of CSS Examination-2006. These officers lost their positions in consequence of the Lahore High Court judgment dated 27-01-2011. Four female candidates of CSS Competitive Examination-2006 domiciled Punjab challenged the application of 10 per cent women quota in the CSS Competitive Examination-2006 by the Federal Public Service Commission before the Lahore High Court which gave judgment in their favour.

Consequently, the Federal Public Service Commission revised the allocation of candidates on the basis of CSS Competitive Examination-2006 in pursuance of the Lahore High Court’s judgment dated 27-01-011 read with the Supreme Court of Pakistan order dated 03-06-2010 in CPLA No. 941/2010.

In order to avoid hardship and unnecessary litigation from the 10 affected male candidates, the Federal Public Service Commission and Establishment Division had recommended to the Prime Minister to create 10 additional vacancies in the Information Group to accommodate these candidates who lost their position in consequence of the Lahore High Court Lahore’s judgment dated 27-01-2011. – APP