KP govt. initiates record development schemes: Bilour

KP govt. initiates record development schemes: Bilour

PESHAWAR: Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunhwa, Bashir Ahmad Bilour has said the provincial government has initiated record developmental projects in the province, saying that a a huge amount has been allocated for developmental schemes in current fiscal year.

Speaking at a Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) Mulaqat program here at Peshawar Press Club, he said that despite the financial constraints, the government has taken steps to develop the province on modern line.He said that government took over in a crisis situation, but the situation has been improved with collective efforts to curb terrorism, extremism and other issues.

He said the province’s economic had badly suffered due to last flash floods, because of which they had compelled to suspend Annaul Development Program (ADP) for sometime. About the growing traffic mess in Peshawar city, he said that inititives are being taken place to overcome with traffic issue.He said the government had sanctioned construction of different flyovers, underpasses, and overhead bridges for the purpose. The Senior Minister said the government had allocated Rs670 million for Arbab Sikandar flyover, which would be completed within next 18 months.Similarly, he said that a sum of Rs1.75 million has been earmarked for construction of Mufti Muneeb flyover. Rs970 million has set a side for maintenance and repairment of Charrsadda to Pajagi Road, he maintained.

He informed that the government has planned to develop a new city scheme on modern line, saying that the about 14,0000 lands would be acquired to construct AsfandyarCity. About the dumping of city waste, he said an agreement has been signed with a company to make waste usable, saying the company has already offered that it will generate electricity from the waste. The minister said the government had allocated Rs15 million for acquiring new vehicles and equipment, including tractors, trolley, and shawals.He informed that the government has allocated Rs30 million for maintenance and repairement of electricity wires in the different parts of the city and cantonment areas. Similarly, he said that government has allocated Rs527 million for replacement of water pipeline in Peshawar, Malakand, and D.I.Khan. The Senior Minister said the government had also focused on beautification of the city, saying that initiative are being taken place for revival of glory of decades old places keeping in view their historic importance.

He explained that the USAID had extended assistance for revival and develop old Shahi Bagh on modern line. He said that a digital fountain will be constructed in Jinnah park. We are also focusing on greenery and beautification of city, he maintained.He added that a digital fountain will be constructed in Jinnah park. Terming the 18th constitutional amendments as biggest achievmeent of the present democratic government, he said the government has the credit to resolve longstanding issue, saying that provincial government had also solved the National Finance Commission (NFC) with consenses of all political parties. – Brecorder