MQM quits federal, Sindh governments

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) quitted federal and provincial governments on Monday.In a press conference Dr.Farooq Sattar said that they helped the government of Pakistan People’s Party for the national interest although they had great differences with the policies of PPP government.He said that the MQM not only resigned from the Sindh government but also from federal government and governor Sindh resigned as well, adding that they would sit now on the opposition benches.Dr. Farooq Sattar said that they would play the opposition role positively and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani visited nine zero and MQM welcomed him and forget the policies of the PPP but the government of PPP continuously tried to sprees MQM.He said that the election of Kashmir was a test case for the government and government postponed the election on two seats only 24 hours before the election, adding that this election was postponed only because MQM refused the demand of PPP as they asked MQM to give one seat to them.He said that the MQM ministers in federal government were powerless and were not in a position to take any decision in favour of masses.He said that the government of PPP failed in this test case. He said that the Rabita Committee decided that PPP government is not fair with MQM, which is the coalition partner of government and now it is impossible to remain the part of government in center and Sindh.

He said that in last three years MQM received more than 300 dead bodies of its workers including MPA Raza Haider.He said that the Rabita Committee consulted with the workers of MQM and all workers and leadership had the same opinion that it is time for MQM to quit PPP government.He said that the people of Pakistan facing many challenges like shortage of electricity, gas, rapidly increasing poverty and terrorism but the priorities of the PPP government are very different.

It is worth mentioning here that the MQM resigned from the government third time in this PPP tenure but their governor of province first time resigned from his post, who was governor since 27 December 2002.Meanwhile according to spokesperson of governor house resignation of governor has been sent to president house but spokesperson of President House Farhat Ullah Babar said that the presidency has not received the resignation of governor and President Asif Ali Zardari would take final decision about the acceptance of governor resignation. – Sunanews