PPP sweeps AJK polls, wins 20 seats

Results of 36 seats for AJK Legislative Assembly have been announced. PPP is leading with 20 seats.According to results received so far, Pakistan People’s Party won 20 seats, PML-N 9 and Muslim Conference won 5 seats and 2 independent candidates succeeded.In AJK polls, 391 candidates contested on 38 seats.PPP’s Shahid Afsar won from LA-1 Mirpur Dhadial securing 10152 votes while independent candidate Masood Khalid remained on second position with 7945 votes.Chaudhry Abdul Majeed of PPP won from LA-2 Mirpur securing 17500 votes and Captain (r) Sarfraz of PML-N stood second in this constituency with 8900 votes.Barrister Sultan Mehmood of PPP succeeded from LA-3 Mirpur securing 17390 votes while Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf received 16189 votes.Tariq Farooq of PML-N won from LA-7 Bhamber receiving 31189 votes while Chaudhry Anwaar-ul-Haq of PPP stood second with 25470 votes.Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen of PPP won from LA 11, Kotli Charhoi securing 33327 votes and Raja Muhammad Iqbal of PML-N was on second position with 7203 votes.Sardar Atique Ahmad of Muslim Conference won from LA-13, Bagh securing 20440 votes while combined candidate of PML-N and Jamat-e-Islami Major (r) Latif Khalique stood second with 16463 votes.Sardar Qamar-uz-Zaman of PPP won from LA-14, Bagh (Central) securing 24775 votes, independent candidate Colonel (r) Naseem remained on second position with 12984 votes while Abdul Rashid Turabi of Jamat-e-Islami stood third with 7710 votes.

Sardar Yakoob Khan of PPP won from LA-19, Rawlakot.Javed Ayoub of PPP succeeded from LA-24, Muzaffarabad-1, securing 14847 votes while Naveen Arif of PML-N remained second with 11466 votes.Chaudhry Latif Akbar of PPP won from LA-27, Muzaffarabad-4 securing 24714 votes and Raja Qayyum of PML-N secured second position with 15980 votes.Chaudhry Rashid of PPP won from LA-29, Hatian Bala securing 25218 votes and Devan Ali Chughtai of Muslim Conference received 15966 votes while Dr Mustafa Bashir of PML-N could get 10511 votes.PML-N candidate Chaudhry Ishaq won from LA-32 Jamu-3, Sialkot securing 24407 votes while Shaukat Wazir Ali of PPP remained second with 18107 votes.

Azhar Hussain Gilani of PPP won from LA-39, Waadi-4 Rawalpindi securing 1397 votes while Alhaj Zafar of PML-N secured second position.Abdul Salam Butt of PPP won from LA-40, Waadi-5 Rawalpindi securing 1800 votes and his opponent Bashir Ahmad Khan of PML-N received 1274 votes.Raja Naseer of PML-N won from LA-10, Kotli receiving 26000 votes. Malik Nawaz of Muslim Conference won from LA-8, Kotli. Sardar Amir Akbar of Muslim Conference won from LA-15 Bagh.Faisal Rathor of PPP won from LA-16 Haveli securing 31500 votes while Chaudhry Muhammad Aziz of Muslim Conference got 30277 votes.Sardar Ghulam Sadiq of PPP won from LA-18 Poonch Hajeera securing 14232 votes and PML-N candidate KB Khan received 11700 votes. – Dunyanews