Shakargarh: Air-conditioned stage for PM, public sits in heat

PM and ministers were sitting on an air-conditioned stage while people were sitting in heat.Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani and ministers enjoyed air-conditioned stage in a public gathering arranged by Pakistan People’s Party in Shakargarh while people were kept deprived of even pedestal fans on this occasion.A five-ton air condition was installed near the stage for the PM and other VIP’s.

The PM was assuring the people of the promises of electricity and other facilities which the government had made at the time of election.But the reality seemed contrary to that as the attendants of the gathering were compelled to sit in heat and suffocation.Some people were trying to dry their sweat with clothes while the others were trying to soothe themselves with artificial hand fans of scarfs or handkerchiefs.Ignoring the people’s trouble, the Prime Minister, Punjab governor and the ministers including Firdous Ashiq Awan and Manzoor Watto along with other VIPs have been enjoying the air conditioned stage where they made fiery speeches. – Dunyanews