Govt urged to effectively counter western ‘modern warfare tools’

ISLAMABAD: Military top brass has asked the government to devise effective policy to counter negative propaganda campaign of the western media.Reacting to the latest assault in the New York Times which the military sources described as a biased analysis, the military leadership has urged upon the government realize the need for measures to counter such media invasions.The latest assault of NYT was hardly substantiated by any information based evidence to prove its claim that Pakistan’s Chief of the Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was struggling to save his office.Therefore, the sources added the government had been asked to devise policy to counter the US propaganda tools.Earlier, National Assembly secretariat spokesman also denied having given any record of the in-session proceedings of the Joint Parliament to the US authorities. The concerned military authorities don’t even consider both the news items worthy of any comment, the sources further said.In its controversial report The New York Times had held that Pakistan’s army chief was fighting to save his position in the face of “seething anger” in the army establishment over the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Earlier the spokesman of the National Assembly secretariat, Anjum Mughal also denied the media reports which claimed that recording of in-camera session on Abbottabad incident was provided to United State.

Talking to ‘Online’ the spokesman told that such kind of news was baseless as there was no recording of that particular session of the Parliament therefore handing over it to US was out of question. He also declined any arrests were made in this scenario. He cleared that all records of such proceedings are kept safe with the secretary of the National Assembly, which could not be provided to anybody without permission of the Speaker. – Onlinenews