Unarmed boy Killed by Rangers in Karachi Pakistan

Unarmed boy Killed by Rangers in Karachi Pakistan

unarmed-boy-killed-by-rangers-in-karachi-pakistanKarachi a young boy named as “Sarfraz” was killed when he was in custody on rangers and rangers brutally opened fire being Judge, Jury and executioners themselves. Boy was clearly posing no threat to the rangers as he was fully unarmed and was even asking for polite stance from rangers.

No rule of law in entire world allow anyone to do such a vicious act, this is clearly a murder and must be met by murder charges on the person who fired the gun shots on that unarmed boy. The human rights organizations must come forward to bring the dead to the justice by making sure that killer is brought in front of a court.

Even after this vicious assault the DG Rangers seems defending the act via statement that it was crossfire, clearly boy is unarmed, lets see following footage of event and discuss other stuff after that. Have a look. Rangers also found involved in such events in past where in Karachi people were killed the gun shot of a ranger but this was unique event where the person deliberately make sure to kill the victim making sure that he does not make it to life.

Orders of action against the rangers already came from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Interior Minister Rehman Malik, hope on ground the steps are taken to bring the soul of dead to justice as no offense against him proved yet. Also Sharjeel Memon who is Sindh information minister told that strict action will be taken in this regard. A number of political parties, individuals related to politics, Journalism and civil society already condemned this vicious assault by rangers against the boy being named as ‘Sarfraz’.

This is not about a single case but about respect of human rights in this country, this is definitely a negative message to the world, specially when security forces individuals who are suppose to protect us are found killing the people even when they had a chance to arrest him and bring in front of court. Or even they had him in custody. This matter must not be met with leniency. I would name this event as murder by rangers, anyone else have any better idea? – infopakistan