Cyclone heading towards Sindh Coastal Areas, ‘Response and Rescue Cells’ set up

cyclone-heading-towards-sindh-coastal-areas-response-and-rescue-cells-set-upKARACHI: Cyclone which was aroused in Arabian Sea would hit the tip of Coastal areas of Sindh on Saturday, said Director General Meteorological Department Arif Mehmood. Director General Met Dept. Arif Mehmood predicted that heavy rains with storms would start from Friday in Coastal areas. He warned the fishermen not enter into the sea from Friday to Monday. The DG said that the Cyclone which was aroused four days earlier in the Arabian Sea due to low air pressure and would may enter in next 24 to 36 hours in the coastal areas of Sindh.

The Met Dept predicted that there are chances of rain fall in Karachi on Friday and Saturday. Meanwhile, ‘Response and Rescue Cells’ have been set up for 24 hours operation in Karachi, Thatta and Badin under the directives of Provincial Minister for Health Dr. Sagheer Ahmad. As per details, the doctors will remain present in their respective Cells and they will be contacted in the following numbers as; Additional Secretary (Admin) Dr. Khalid Sheikh 021-99211552, 0300-8993704, Dr. Nasir Javed EDO Health Karachi 0333-3227074, 021-99232408, Dr. Khalid Masood DO 0333-2219582, Dr. Mansoor Sheikh DO 0300-2209362, will available in District Karachi.

Dr. Nasir Jalbani EDO 0300-27201999, 0298-920194154, Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Memon DO 0333-3790397, Dr. Ghulam Qadir Sheikh 0300-2682689 will available for district Thatta. While Dr. Abdul Sattar Chand EDO 0300-8318770, 029-7861871, Dr. Slam Khaskheli MO 0314-2901660 and Dr. Abdullah Soomro 0333-2526121 for district Badin. The Minister strictly instructed the concerned officers to remain present in their respective Health Centres. – Onlinenews