‘N’ can create political crisis: sources

ISLAMABAD: While the country is already scuffling with crises ranging from security to energy, vibes of yet another political imbroglio are emanating from Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab under PML-N rule.According to sources well-placed in the party leading the opposition at the centre, its leader Mian Nawaz Sharif was holding this trump card close to his chest and was waiting for the right time to use it. “But the right time has to be well before the March 2012 Senate elections,” the sources told Online on condition of anonymity.The sources were not clear whether or not Nawaz Sharif would go to that extent in politics merely to bar archrival President Asif Ali Zardari from securing overwhelming majority in the Upper House of the Parliament. However, they rushed to add that active contemplation on potential of creating a political crisis was clearly noticed by files and ranks of the party.Revealing in term of a question, the sources said, “can we go to the Senate elections when a provincial assembly of the largest federating unit is dissolved and the members of the second largest party in Parliament tenders its resignations.”The sources claimed that there was an active realization on part of the PML-N leadership that they might have to use this as the last option to serve the party interests in case it has no other way out of confinement they were entangled.“If the government fails to take the PML-N along on the Abbattabad debacle and goes on a solo flight, again, it would compel the Punjab ruling party to resort to what could be termed as destructive politics,” the sources said.

Elaborating on what the sources termed as last but not the least option with the PML-N, they said, the Sharif’s have the Constitutional powers if not prerogative to get the Punjab Assembly dissolved besides resignation of its members in the National Assembly. “We understand that would be sufficient to create constitutional as well as political crisis in the country that would easily stagger the Senate elections ahead,” the sources added.“But the subsequent consequences of such an obnoxious move could be highly detrimental for the PML-N itself as well besides being lethal for the fragile democratic process in the country,” the sources pointed out.  – Onlinenews