Abbottabad operation disrespected Pakistan: Nawaz

Abbottabad operation disrespected Pakistan: Nawaz

Lahore : Leader of PML(N) Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that people should back his party for the investigations of Abbottabad operation and attack on naval base and in return he pledges for accountability and wipe out the corruption and stop the load shedding from the country.

He was addressing a ceremony at Aiwan-e-Iqbal here on Saturday, which was held to mark the “Yaum-I-Takbeer”.

He said that the system of accountability was being blocked in Pakistan. He said that democracy and accountability were correlative as the countries with strong democracy and accountability system were developed and prosper.

But the countries, which lacked democracy and accountability, were marred by regression. He said that the elements wary of accountability were destroying democracy.

In his reference to Musharraf’s tenure, the PML-N chief said that he arrested the judges when he failed to extract a forced decision from them.

He also said that traitor judges decided in favour of dictators and gave them opportunity to tamper with constitution. He said that the inquiry commission on Abbottabad incident has become a question itself instead of giving reply to the people. Prime Minister should tell the nation that what happened to the parliament’s resolution, he asked.

“We can not provide chance to the world for making fun of Pakistan. No one should ponder that illiteracy has overcame here. When we conducted nuclear tests, then the dream of invulnerable Pakistan was in the eyes of nation. At that time the international leaders contacted to prevent Pakistan from the tests , but PML(N) government did not sell the dignity of the country. Now I ask that why the country did not get realizations of these dreams even after lapse of 13 years”, the former Prime Minister added.

He said that nation has right to ask that being nuclear power, has Pakistan moved towards progress or retreat. He said that it happened due to dictatorship that ruled the country for 33 years out of total 63 years . This is the reason that the plantlet of democracy could not get roots here.

The PML(N) leader said that the process of accountability is imperative for the survival of the society and those countries which do not adopt it, they often decline in every sphere of life. He said that those countries developed a lot where democracy prevails.

He said that runaway of Pervez Musharraf from the county expressed the fact that people have greatest power form all. He said that it is very unfortunate that violator of constitution was offered guard of honour.

“When back in 1999, Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee visited Pakistan he promised to resolve the Kashmir issue. He said that if the country wants to excel, she has to break the begging bowl. Today whenever terrorism takes place in every corner of the world , Pakistan is blamed . She has now become isolated in the comity of nations”, Sharif added. -Online News