Former Pakistan President Musharraf: America’s Osama raid “technically… an act of war”

former-pakistan-president-musharraf-americas-osama-raid-technically-an-act-of-warPiers Morgan interviewed former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf today for a program that airs later this week. Musharraf responds to America’s raid that killed Osama bin Laden, and President Barack Obama’s comments this week that he would do the same thing again. “No country has a right to intrude into any other country,” said Musharraf. “Actually, technically, legally, you see it, it’s an act of war. So I think it is an irresponsible statement, and I think such arrogance should not be shown, publicly, to the world.”

He went on to further explain the “act of war” comment:

“Theoretically, technically, yes indeed, it’s an act of war,” he said, but noted it wouldn’t necessarily signal a war. “How to deal with it is the question, and I leave it to the government there to how they want to deal with it.” – CNN