NATO attacks Pakistan checkpost: 2 troops wounded

MIRANSHAH: Two Security Personnel were injured when helicopters of Afghanistan based NATO forces while violating country’s airspace attacked a security check Post in Datta Khel in North Waziristan Tuesday morning.The security forces retaliated with full force and forced NATO forces to retreat to Afghanistan. According to media reports, two NATO helicopters violating Pakistan airspace shelled a security check post in Wacha Bibi, suburban area of Data Khel, North Waziristan. 2 Security Personnel were injured as a result of shelling.On the other hand, A Private TV Channel quoted a security official as saying the helicopters were just about to intrude into Pakistani territory when aerial gunshots were fired. They subsequently moved back but fired a retaliatory shot due to which rubble of rocks fell from the nearby mountains and injured the Security personnel. The report said that the two troops were injured by the rubble that fell from the mountain and not by shelling.Another media report claimed that several Pakistani helicopters took off from Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan soon after the attack on Security forces Check post but purpose behind this could not be ascertained.

Nato confirmed there were helicopters flying near the Pakistani border and was investigating the reported attack.”There were helicopters operating in the border region, and we are aware there has been an incident, said Nato coalition spokesman Lt. Col. John Dorrian. “But we are going to have to assess the situation.”He declined to give further details or say which Nato country was involved.Most of the helicopters that fly in that part of Afghanistan are American.In November last year, Nato choppers violated Pakistani airspace on three separate occasions. In the first incident in September, three paramilitary soldiers were killed and three others injured triggering diplomatic tensions which led to Pakistan shutting down the Nato supply line with Afghanistan halting Nato supplies going through the country.The supply line was restored more than a week after the US tendered an official apology for the cross-border attack on security forces. – Onlinenews