Parliament Resolves to Review Relations with US

parliament-resolves-to-review-relations-with-usThe Parliament held an in-camera session lasting 13 hours and unanimously resolved to comprehensively review relations with US and the war on terror.It was also resolved that drone attacks in Pakistan are against its sovereignty and if any incident like the one in Abbottabad is repeated, it will lead to cutting off NATO oil supplies.

The formation of an independent commission was agreed to investigate the US operation in Abbottabad. The commission would be formed after consultation with the prime minister and opposition leader. The commission would include judges and members of civil society. Earlier, the Director General (DG) Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha said that after the Tora Bora operation, Osama Bin Laden became an enemy of Pakistan. He said that his supporters have been identified but with the presence of Afghans, it is impossible to control the situation.

DG ISI Shuja Pasha said that Osama’s compound in Abbottabad was registered under a fake name. He said that Pakistan has scarified the most in the war against terror. The world over, a total of 102,500 US and NATO soldiers are fighting the war against terror while 146,000 Pakistani soldiers are fighting this same war. Pasha said that there are 112 check posts of the allied forces as opposed to the 812 f the Pakistani forces. He said that 2300 soldiers of the allied forces have been killed while 3500 Pakistani soldiers have been killed in the war against terror. According to Pasha, nobody other than the Prime Minister expressed their condolences over the 78 officials of the ISI who have been killed. Pasha said that the actions of the United States were not expected from an ally in war against terrorism. He said that there is difference between India and the United States. – Dunya news