DG ISI Surrenders before Parliament for Accountability

DG ISI Surrenders before Parliament for Accountability

dg-isi-surrenders-before-parliament-for-accountabilityISLAMABAD: Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant-General, Ahmad Shuja Pasha on Friday dubbing the Abbottabad Operation as US game has surrendered himself before parliament for accountability. According to sources, briefing the parliamentarians in a closed-door meeting about the US raid to kill Osama Bin Laden ISI chief said that he surrenders before the Parliament and if he is guilty of negligence he is prepared to be held accountable by the PM and Parliament.
Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha started the briefing after the opening remarks by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in the joint session of the upper and lower houses of the parliament. Army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, and the heads of Pakistan Navy and Air Force also attended the briefing.

Sources told that ISI Chief briefing the participants of the meeting about the performance of this vital national security institution said that ISI has proved its capabilities before the world and has gained international recognition for its performance in war against terror. He said that it was due to ISI that the backbone of Al-Qaeda has been broken and it was due to our effort that we manage to isolate OBL from its associates and he was living a life of a dead man. He said that US kept us in dark over the operation to score points. While anti Pakistan elements are attempting to create rift between national institutions and unity. Sources told that ISI chief further said that pinpointing one institution with regard to the May 2 incident is incorrect and any institution can investigate with regard to this incident and if negligence on part of ISI is found than he is ready to be held accountable.

He said that it is a great honour for him to give a briefing on the floor of the parliament. He said that ISI would give relevance to the decision of the parliament and national security would be held supreme. According to Online, during the all important session, Air Chief, Vice Chief of Air Staff and DG Military Operations gave a detailed briefing on the Abbottabad Operation fiasco. They informed that the radar system of Pakistan were well equipped and operational however the helicopters used by US were satellite technology ones and hard to detect in our radar system. They said that only US have the said technology in this regard. They said that the choppers used in the OBL operation and no country has them.

Later during a quick chat with journalists after the meeting, Federal Minister for Information and Technology Firdaus Ashiq Awan was of the view that ISI and other military officials gave a detailed briefing on the May 2 debacle. Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant-General, Ahmad Shuja Pasha has said that Pakistan was kept in dark about the operation and admitted Pakistan security failure during the US operation in Abbottabad with led to the killing of al Qaida chief Osama Bin Laden. Federal Information Minister Firdaus Aashiq Awan confirmed that during Friday’s in-camera joint session of the Parliament the ISI chief has acknowledged Pakistan failed to intervene US intervention and presented himself for the accountability.

She further added that role of PAF is impregnable in country’s sovereignty urging some anti state elements want to create rift among Army and Nation hence Media must unveil such forces and play a responsible and positive role in this regard. She said her party cannot leave army and agencies in this difficult situation Earlier the prime minister was cited as telling the meeting that we will do everything necessary to protect the sovereignty and interests of the country. We will answer any question on the Abbottabad operation and national security. He said that for us national security and defence of country is supreme and we will not let our country down parliament is supreme forum and the purpose of today’s briefing is to tell the facts to the people representative and nation. Govt wants the people to trust govt and institutions. We must stand united with our army and ISI. Meanwhile Security was increased in the capital ahead of the briefing. Police carried out random checks on vehicles and no one was allowed to enter the Red Zone area including media personals while helicopters were seen flying over the city. – onlinenews