PM inaugrates Chasma Nuclear Power Plant

“Today is a proud day for Pakistan and for Pakistan’s civil nuclear energy programme. I feel greatly privileged indeed to inaugurate the operation of C-2, the second unit of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, which will produce an additional 330 MW of electricity”, he said.Completion of C-2 ahead of the scheduled time is a reward for the joint efforts of the Chinese and Pakistani teams, the benefits of which will go directly to the people of Pakistan, he said.Completion of C-2 is yet another illustrious example of the Pakistan-China Cooperation in the field of nuclear science and technology, he said, adding that, the high level of friendship that the two countries enjoy, the important role that China is playing in developing the economy of our country and the unwavering support we have been getting from China at the international for a, continuous to be source of strength for Pakistan.

Completion of this project takes to even greater heights the long and time-tested friendship between the two countries and their people, he said.He applauded the CNNC and other Chinese teams who worked on this project, for their excellent planning and execution which has led to the completion of C-2 more than three months ahead of schedule.He also appreciated Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission for their commitment, expertise and hard work in carrying out their complementary role in completing the project.He congratulated both sides on the early and successful completion of project. “I am sure that the PAEC will operate and maintain C-2 in the same manner as it had done in the case of C-1 plant”, he hoped.The continued and safe operation KANUPP at Karachi for over three decades without any vender support, the very successful operation of C-1 at this sight, and the timely and within budget completion of C-2 have helped in laying the foundation of a strong and viable programme to use nuclear as an energy resource in the country, Gilani said.

The prohibitively high and unstable prices of imported fuel oil and the limited reserves of natural gas restrict the construction and operation of the thermal plants using these fossil fuels. We need to exploit all options available to us – and these include coal, hydro, wind, solar and nuclear, he said.In the wake of the energy shortfall that the country is facing today, generation of additional 330 MW electricity will certainly provide immediate relief to a section of consumers, he said.Two more power plants C-3 and C-4 already under construction at this site will help in paving the way for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to meet the government assigned target of 8800 MW by the Year 2030, he said.“I will encourage you to look beyond 2030, say to 2050, and provide Pakistan with far greater capacity than 8800 MW. I am sure, you will accept the challenge. The Government of Pakistan will provide you full support to meet the targets”, the Premier said. – Onlinenews