Nawaz demands for Judicial Commission to probe into US operation against Osama

Nawaz demands for Judicial Commission to probe into US operation against Osama

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif Wednesday termed the Abbottabad operation killing Osama bin Laden , as intelligence failure and demanded the government to constitute a judicial commission to investigate into the issue.Briefing the media here at Punjab House after the meeting of party’s Central Organizing Committee (COC) Nawaz gave three days to the government to decide about the formation of judicial commission that would be headed by Chief Justice of Supreme Court. The judicial commission would be comprised of Chief Justice of Supreme Court and all the chief justices of five high courts of the country, Nawaz said adding that commission would be given a 21-day timeframe to complete investigation and make public the facts and findings.

He said the judicial commission would be independent and should have access to any record and authority to summon any one it wanted. After findings of the commission it would fix responsibility of the persons or authorities’ concerned, strict action should be taken against the responsible people and the final thing the commission would do is to give recommendation as how to control these sorts of incidents in future, he said.Nawaz also rejected the investigation committee announced by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani under the chair of Lieutenant General Javed Iqbal to find out the facts of presence of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and US operation in Pakistan territory without informing it to the authorities concerned. He said presence of Osama in Pakistan and US operation against him is failure of the intelligence agencies and many question marks raised on the agencies not only from within the country but from the international community as well.

He said if the judicial commission is not formulated in three days then his party would announce the next strategy which would not be lenient, he hinted. Nawaz said he was accused of being friendly opposition and that he provided hidden support to President to prolong his rule but he did this all for the welfare of the country and for strengthening of democracy. He said he never wanted to derail the democratic process at any cost but now his party would give tough time to the government. He said the government would not be serious with the people of Pakistan and have not realization about the worsening situation if it refuse to form the commission.To a question he said he would not ask from any one including President, Prime Minister, Army Chief or DG ISI to step down but after the investigation of the judicial commission the responsible person should resign without saying. He said Pakistan is facing the worst ever situation in its history and the current scenario is even worse than the Fall of Dhaka. He said if at that time the nation did not stand united then get ready to face the death of dishonour.

Nawaz said he has no tension with Pakistan Army but he only wanted that each institution of the state should work in its own ambit. He said that the US attack on Pakistan soil killing Osama bin Laden was breach of sovereignty of an independent state but the President at the very same day through an article congratulated the America and Prime Minister also followed him and congratulated it. He said this behaviour from our rulers have demoralized the soldiers and army personnel.He said that over 180 million people of Pakistan are bewildered and have no exact information that what happened and there is no one to tell them the truth. Every information is coming the US media not from Pakistan; therefore the government instead of in-camera briefing should have held an open briefing so that the people also should know the reality. He said he was friend of Pakistan and would take every step in favour of the country.

He said no one would be allowed to use Pakistani soil for terrorism and extremism. He added that there is no place for terrorism in the country.The world is raising fingers on Pakistan after the incident; PML-N leader said and added that armed forces have not given satisfactory answer.Raymond Davis issue also showed that our matters are in the hands of spy agencies. Still the nation did not know that the blood money (Dayyat) come from where, Nawaz questioned.He said if there is failure of intelligence then it means our defence system has become so weak. He said that Pakistan has been isolated after this incident and the whole world is pointing out fingers on it. This is a time to review our policies and introspect first rather seeking others faults, he said adding all the institution should be serious now. He said now any one could threaten Pakistan and even doing the same now despite being an atomic state, therefore, he said we should seriously think about it. – Onlinenews