Baloch nation has no option but to continue armed struggle: Gazin Marri

QUETTA: Renowned nationalist leader Nawab Khar Bakhsh Marri’s son Nawabzada Gazin Marri has said that Baloch nation but to continue armed struggle for their rights.Talking to a private TV channel on Saturday, Nawabzada Gazin Marri said that state-institutions has set up parallel government in Balochistan province and its lawlessness has forced them to leave Balochistan, adding that they did not flee from law.The FC is still ruler in Balochistan and Chief Minister Raisani himself categorically admitted that he was not being taken into confidence, he underlined.To a question, Nawabzada Gazin Marri said that the Baloch nation has no other option except from armed struggle and the time for contact has gone, adding that there was need of piratical measures.Balochistan issue could not be resolved in the parliament, as the members did not serious to resolve this issue, he noted.Nawabzada Gazin Marri noted that they were threatened to give up their stand during government of former President Pervez Musharraf.

About Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, he pointed out that he is honest man but he did not hold any direct meeting with him and added that the CJ did not take suo moto notice against assassination of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti and he also did not take any action over the FIR of his son.A question about financial support of resistance organizations, he termed all claims in this regard as wrong and baseless. The Balochis would help these organizations if it were allowed.Question regarding Brahmdagh Bugti, Nawabzada Gazin Marri said that he left Afghanistan and shifted to safer place.He said that the sacrifices of the Baloch nation would be wasted rather their forfeits for freedom would be succeed.The Baloch nation has decided that to fight for their freedom and not to leave like a slave, he added.bout elections in Pakistan, he said that no one knows that the upcoming in Balochistan would be held or not in Balochistan and adding that Sardar and Nawab in power was enemy of the Baloch nation. – Onlinenews