Series of bomb attacks on PN buses puzzles law enforcement agencies

KARACHI: Series of bomb attacks on Pakistan Navy buses in Karachi has puzzled the law enforcement agencies (LEAs), which remained clueless about such frequent incidents. The LEAs believe that Al-Qaeda backed Jundullah was behind these attacks.According to the reports, the LEAs and investigators of various agencies have interlinked the recent bombing with previous blasts that ripped through the city on different occasions.Investigators believe that the operatives of Jundullah backed by Al-Qaeda and selected cadres of various terror outfits such as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have dispatched them to the metropolis with different objectives.Investigators when contacted said that the intelligence agencies reported that the alliance of splinter terrorist outfits had geared up under the command of Al-Qaeda commander of the group Hamza Juffi alias Misri, who has been dispatching different groups in different timings with different objective.

Sources privy to the matter told that the technology being used in previous bombing incidents was common while Jundullah believes in guerrilla warfare but not in suicide missions.A source privy to the matter told that the technology being used in previous bombings was common while Jundullah believes in guerrilla warfare but not in suicide missions.He explained that culprits had planted a cell phone with explosive device and made a call from anywhere to explode the bomb. The modus operandi suggests that the same group was behind various bombings that took palace in the city intermittently.It is pertinent to mention here that the LEAs are unable to ascertain the footprints of the terrorist groups using the said modus operandi. Sources said that the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) had arrested some four operatives of the said group who have disclosed the modus operandi and technology being used by their terror outfit but the said operatives were charged in different cases and did not properly interrogated.

These terrorists managed to flee from the court when police took them to the court for trial. They have disclosed during the course of investigation that their commander for Karachi known as Shuja managed all affairs of the outfit.The LEAs on the available information picked up a number of suspects with the identity of Shuja but so far no headway had been made. It is also difficult to make the sketch of Shuja because he has changed his getup very frequently, the accused terrorists disclosed during an interrogation.Intelligentsia believes that elements of various terrorist organisations, including Lashker-e-Jahngvi and Jundullah have jointed hands and resumed their activities in Karachi. The agencies have feared more attacks in near future.Following these threats, LEAs have been directed to beef up security arrangements across the city, especially at all sensitive installations such the Sindh Assembly, Governor’s House and Police Head Office.

The sources disclosed that third consecutive attack on Pakistan Navy bus drove LEAs and security forces to chalk out a strategy to avoid possible attacks. They confirmed that the Pakistan Navy had been directed to restrict movement, change route times and inform area police before any movement.Naval chief deplores terrorist attacks on PN buses: Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on Pakistan Navy (PN) buses in Karachi on Thursday and said Pakistan Navy stands firm with the nation in the fight against extremism and terrorism, PPI adds.He reaffirmed the resolve of Navy to continue its fight against terrorism. “Through these acts, the determination of PN officers, sailors and civilians cannot be deterred,” he stated.An ISPR press release said, “Being one of the armed forces, Navy has been attempted on by ill-minded elements whose nefarious motives aim at deterring resolve of the nation to fight the menace of terrorism.” – Dailytimes