Drone attacks depriving govt of popular support: Kiyani

The COAS says Pakistan played its part in the war on terror.Chief of Army Staff Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani has said that drone attacks are depriving the government of people’s support on the war on terror.In his meeting with US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Michael Mullen, Kiyani ruled out as baseless the propaganda that Pakistan had not played its part in the war on the terror.Mullen, however, appreciated the Pakistan Army and the people for their sacrifices during the war on terror.Earlier in his interview with a foreign news organisation, Mullen alleged that Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had connections with Haqqani network. He said diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the United States returned from a breaking point. He said despite the stressful situation, the leaders of the two countries decided to keep the relations intact. – Dunyanews