Karachi: Family of abducted captain seek help from public

The family has appealed to the public to help raise money for the release of the Pakistani hostages.Nine months ago, an Egyptian cargo ship that departed from Karachi was hijacked by Somali Pirates. They took Captain Syed Vasi Hasan along with three Pakistanis as hostage. The pirates demanded US$ 10 million for their release but later agreed to let them go at US$ 1.1 million.To raise money for the release, the captain’s daughter, Laila Vasi along with her two brothers announced to sell their kidneys after which many people promised to provide funding.Captain Vasi’s brother, Syed Askari said that the Pakistan government did not provide any funding and instead several Indian welfare organizations have announced that they will donate US$ 0.5 million for the release of the hostages. Askari said that US$ 0.6 million are still needed to release the hostages.